Mix Stix

Imagine: you’re cooking in your kitchen and your favorite song comes on the radio…what do you do? You rock out! Mix Stix combines two cooking utensils used in creating everyday meals and turning them into pot slammin' drumsticks. As a group project, the team had to come up with concepts to sell the idea of this product to consumers as well as an interactive in-store display. With rich media ads, microsites and a web commercial, we showed people how to rock out with their broth out.

Group Members:
Caleb Olshefsky
Brian Martin

  • For Consumer Advertising / Kutztown University
  • Type Rich Media Ads / Microsite / Web Commercial

Web Commercial

Rich Media Web Banners: Rock Out

Rich Media Web Banners : Mix It Up

Microsite : Rock Out

Microsite : Mix It Up